2013 Aviator Advisory Information Now Live!

Our aviator advisory information is now live and available for review and download:

Please review all of this information prior to your departure. There are a number of changes this year so even veteran Burning Man Aviators should read the various details closely. And, look for this year’s advisory code information embedded within the textual portion of the advisory. It’s important to have this code upon arrival to let UNICOM and other aviators in the air know that you’ve read the advisory and are up to speed on things.

See you on the playa!

Air Safety Commander

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Flying Via Air Charter

Please see the tab “Want a Flight”.  Do not fly  with an air charter service that is not listed as having signed a contract with Burnng Man. (This list should be updated by 15 August.)  If you have reserved a booking with an unsigned air charter, you should ask for a refund. They do not have permission to drop off passengers at our private airport, 88NV.  If somehow they drop you off, you will need to find another way home. Please be sure your air charter company has permission to use our airport.

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New Terminal in 2014

Thanks to BRTA for holding the competition. We all like the winning design. Now to build it! Unfortunately, it cost a lot and we didn’t raise funding quickly enough to build it this year.  The Airport will soon be soliciting funds for a 2014 build. Watch this space for a link and information about the new terminal.   Thanks for your help and support. Calamity Charles, Airport Operations Manager.

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Announcing the first Design Competition for the Terminal and Pilot’s Lounge!

We’re pleased to announce the 2013 Burning Man Airport Terminal and Pilot’s Lounge Design Competition!

The winning submission will be constructed Fall 2013. Be a part of the design and installation of the coolest spot imaginable  – the 3200 sf Airport Terminal and 3000sf Pilot’s Lounge at the largest art event in the world! Burning Man – Black Rock City, Nevada.

Judges : Thom Faulders, Eric Corey Freed, Thomas Rettenwender, & co-designers of 2012 Terminal – Michael Twing and Steve Ramseur. Others to be announced.

Design Criteria – portable, lightweight, designed for (dis)assembly, with integrated ecological functions, multi-purpose, expressive and efficient!

Submittals are due by February 15, 2013


A project of the Black Rock Travel Agency
For additional details see: www.ecologicdesignlab.com/competitions


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Black Rock City Airport 2012 update

The airport is indeed open and the surface conditions for the runway, tie-down and everything in between are very good. However, there are a couple of little updates that you should be aware of prior to your arrival.

1. The surface is firm but in order to keep it that way we ask that you use your brakes as little as possible and make no tight turns off the runway.

2. The approach end of runway 25 and departure end of runway 7 will take you over the end of “point 5″ of the trash fence. We have purposely prohibited anyone from parking ground-based vehicles in this area so you are free to fly over this part of the event. And, the terminal building building is 1,000 feet from “Point 5″.

3. Ultralights are also flying over the “Point 5″ area but further inside the event and close to the terminal building and they’re instructed to remain at or below 100 feet AGL in this area. However, please keep an eye out for ultralights, just in case.

See you on the playa!

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Black Rock City Airport is ready!

Black Rock Municipal Airport now has a completed runway. The good news is that the entire airport surface is very nice. There are a few soft spots here and there but otherwise decent. However, we did have to change the location of the runway and tie down area significantly in order to get these great surface conditions. So, review our supplied information carefully before departing.

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Airport closed until August 27, 2012

Another successful Burning Man has come to a close. I’m happy to report that we had no accidents or major incidents at the Black Rock Municipal Airport this year. Thank you to all the pilots that flew safely and carefully. And a big thank you goes out to all the airport volunteers who worked very hard to create the greatest temporary airport on Earth.

Cleaning your stuff

To those first timers leaving the playa and discovering that the playa dust does not come off of your clothes, bikes, motorhomes, airplanes no matter how much soap you use or how much scrubbing you do we have a suggestion. Do a pre-wash with a water/vinegar solution (roughly 10:1 should work fine) with plain white vinegar. Playa dust is alkaline just as soap. So, all soap will do is move the dust around. The vinegar pre-wash changes the Ph and repels the playa dust. Once you’ve done this you should then wash your clothes, bikes, motorhomes, airplanes, etc…. as you normally would.


As I mentioned earlier, the Black Rock Municipal Airport couldn’t operate without the wonderful volunteers who work very hard to, build it, operate it and wrap it up at the end each year. If you’d like to help next year and have some special skills (or none at all) please contact us and we’ll add you to the list. When you do contact us please give any special skills you might have such as the fact that your an air traffic controller, builder, pilot, artist, etc…..


Please send us any photos you have of the airport, airplanes, the event and most importantly, the people. We’ll try and post most of them to the portofentry.org site as well as our official Facebook pages.

See you next year!


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Black Rock Municipal’s runway is completed and ready

Black Rock Municipal Airport now has a completed runway. The playa surface is better than it’s been in many years.

If you’re an aviator and planning on flying out to the event it is very important that you download, print and review the advisories and charts that we have created.

A few changes to the airport this year:

1. New location
2. New airport fee structure
3. New airport hours
4. New Advisory code

Click here to see the latest advisory information and charts.

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Airport Kitchen!

Airport Kitchen
By Dust E. Coyote

The rings of the construction paper on my chain that counts down the days until Burning man are getting few. Drunken Pilot (Sal), Commander Cutie and I have been gathering information and planning the galley, now called the Muddy Rudder. We think we have an idea of what people want. Now we just have to make it happen. What we need right now is money so that we can go out and buy the supplies that we need. Sal, Drunken Pilot, is leaving in the middle of next week Thursday and he is going to bring most of the dry and canned goods in with him in his motor home. So we need to get the money flowing in ASAP so that we have time to do the purchasing before he leaves. We’ll buy the fresh produce and either fly it in or have other people who are arriving later bring it closer to the  burn. We’ll also likely do a resupply mid-week as people go out for fuel.
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Letter from a 2010 Virgin Burning Man Aviator

A First Timer’s Story
By: Mark Krajcar aka The System
August 16, 2011

Last year was my 1st burn ever and obviously my 1st time flying in.  It was an amazing time and I was totally unprepared for the entire experience.  I arrived solo not knowing anyone with the intention of camping in the aviation camp, figuring I would meet people of like minds.
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