Airport update

Airport Runway Is Open
The runway is now open to those with early arrival passes (and tickets for each person who wishes to pass through the gate). The surface is very nice and hard but a little bumpy. No whoop-de-do’s. Between now and end of day Sunday UNICOM may be limited or non-existant.

Be sure to download the charts and airport information advisories (available on this site) well prior to departure so that you have time to print and review them.

Taxiway Update
We have one established taxiway to runway 22 as well as a taxiway to mid-field. The surface around runway 04 is good enough not to need a designated taxiway at this point.

There are a few soft spots outside of the designated taxiways and runway. They’re not deep or large, just soft. Remember to keep the yoke in your lap and don’t slow down as you go over any of these spots and you’ll be fine.

Parking Update
Because of the change in tie down location we’re making some additional changes for parking. The planes closest to the fence are for those who will not be flying during the event. In any case, please review the charts prior to arrival and be prepared for possible changes.

Airport Access Update
Whenever you arrive you’ll need your ticket. And, in order to get back out to your plane you’ll also need to have a pilot or passenger wristband (you must be a pilot with an airplane there).

Passengers must also have a wristband and must be accompanied by a pilot with an appropriate wristband at all times while outside of the trash fence. If you do not have a wristband when you return to go back into the event you will be required to purchase another ticket. There are no exceptions to this so do not lose your wristband.

Pilot Briefings Update

You don’t need a briefing to arrive. However, you must get a briefing BEFORE YOUR SECOND LANDING beginning Monday the 30th (first day of the event). We usually have a group briefing each morning during the event and occasionally during the late afternoon. Ask about scheduled briefings when you arrive. If we’re not too busy we can give you a briefing at other times of the day.

Unusual Operations Update
Unusual operations such as gliders, hot air balloons, ultralights, etc…. MUST be approved by Hoot the Air Commander or designee prior to any departures.

Advisories and Charts Now Available
You are required to familiarize yourself with this important information prior to your arrival. Advisory can be found by clicking here. Charts can be found by clicking here. Download them, print them, read them and bring them with you on your flight out.

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