Airport Charts 2013

Click the link below to download the two charts available. One is an overall view showing the standard landing pattern and the scenic pattern and the other chart shows a detail of the runway, tie down and terminal areas. It’s highly recommended that you print both charts and study them prior to departing for Black Rock Municipal Airport.

Click here for the BM2013_AirportCharts

Note that the Gate Road is much closer than in previous years. There will still be plenty of room for all aircraft to taxi along the runway. And, a trash fence and warning signage will separate the airport environment from the Gate Road. But, please use caution for possible people nearby.

Suggested routing between Reno and 88NV
Because of the large volume of traffic between Reno and Black Rock City, the charter pilots have suggested a routing that would ideally keep opposing traffic spaced away from each other. This is just a suggestion and even if you take this route you should be alert for other aircraft at all times.

 Click here for suggested routing chart